Hey everyone!
Here's what's going on in our lives. Nathan is working and is on a soccor team. They have their last game this week, but its not to sad cause its cold outside when he's playing :) I we won't mind staying warm. I have 7 weeks left until the baby is suppose to come; can't hardly wait. She likes to kick me -ALOT- and it hurts sometimes. I have gestational diabetes so we are hoping that with my new diet we can help prevent a big baby and a C-section. I still can eat cheese and drink diet soda, so I'll be ok; plus this will help me lose the pregnany weight faster! YAH!!!!
I am becoming really creative with my apartmentand making everything fit. You'd be amazed at the amountof stuff 2 1/2 people can have. I'd like to have a garage sale and get ride of random things, but Nathan isn't excited about the idea, so we'll see.
If you don't know the baby is to be a girl names Lily Sue :) She due date is Nov. 30th, but babies never come on their due dates so that my little survey on the homepage :)