Hey everyone!
Here's what's going on in our lives. Nathan is working and is on a soccor team. They have their last game this week, but its not to sad cause its cold outside when he's playing :) I we won't mind staying warm. I have 7 weeks left until the baby is suppose to come; can't hardly wait. She likes to kick me -ALOT- and it hurts sometimes. I have gestational diabetes so we are hoping that with my new diet we can help prevent a big baby and a C-section. I still can eat cheese and drink diet soda, so I'll be ok; plus this will help me lose the pregnany weight faster! YAH!!!!
I am becoming really creative with my apartmentand making everything fit. You'd be amazed at the amountof stuff 2 1/2 people can have. I'd like to have a garage sale and get ride of random things, but Nathan isn't excited about the idea, so we'll see.
If you don't know the baby is to be a girl names Lily Sue :) She due date is Nov. 30th, but babies never come on their due dates so that my little survey on the homepage :)


Madison McShinsky said...

Yah! I'm so excited you joined the blogging world! Can't wait to see more pictures!! My sister had the pregnant diabetes too, I don't know if you remeber or not, but when we stayed with her that one summer we were actually on that diet! I'm glad you still get diet soda..I didn't like it when I was pregnant..sad day...anyhoo..glad you have a blog!!

Carly said...

That's so exciting that you only have that many weeks left. A little baby girl that's so awesome. That's what I thought you were going to have and what a cute name. I know exactly how you feel about being overrun by stuff in your apartment. We have way too much stuff too but Casey won't hardly let me get rid of anything. Hope that everything is going great. Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. They thought I had that too, but ended up my testing was wrong.

Cindy Hemingway said...

I love that you have a blog!! I will create one someday. FYI...Here is the Christmas list for the fam:

Cindy gets a present for: Nikki and Eric

Cory gets a present for: Ryan and Erin

Nikki gets a present for: Mom and Dad

Ryan gets a present for: Jenny and Nathan

Jenny gets a present for: Cindy and Mikey

Mom & Dad: gets a present for: Cory and Heather

I totally drew names out of a hat, but it seemed to work out perfectly! Yeah!

Madison McShinsky said...

Baby Lily is sooo cute! (I saw pictures on Erins blog) Enjoy her while shes so little, they get big way too fast! Hope you're all doing great!