Well we are getting ready for baby number two! Little Dustin wanted to come out into the world today, but I wouldn't let him. It's to soon. We still have 6 weeks left. Nathan's cousin and Ryan/Erin gave us a ton of boy clothes! So we are totally set until Dustin is 9 months old :) I'm so happy but I have alot of clothes for this kid; well both kids! Man they sure have alot of stuff for being so dang small. Right now, Lily is jumping, climbing, and doing soommersalts!!!! It's sooo fun! And she knows just how cute she is each time she does it. We are determined to get her in little gymnastics/cheerleading classes when she's two. Nathan is still at Ckoe, but just got a 2.2% raise! Me, I'm barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen everyday and I love it.

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